Welcome to Heritage Academy

This immaculately conceived and meticulously designed academy is situated in the Southern Part of Gorakhpur. Established to impart complete and quality education in a true sense, Heritage Academy believes in the all-round development of students i.e. intellectual, physical and spiritual. We instill confidence in our students so that they can undertake upcoming challenges with ease.

We make the students capable of facing challenges of life efficiently so that they could carve out their own future.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide a greater understanding to each student. For this, we use technological tools that make learning more understandable. We involve students in fruitful discussion. The educational program of every class is specially designed with a specialized concentration on core subjects.
1. To instill in the students the spirit of service in all walks of life so that they become responsible citizens of the future.
2. To organize balance and life-oriented school programmes by incorporating progressive techniques of learning, theories, and methodologies so that they could learn the right values and appreciate the glory of Indian culture.

We are a Primary And Secondary School. We have been educating children for over fifteen years.
Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.


Computer Lab

Keeping in view the strides made in information technology, every effort is made to import information technology training to the students right from class-1st onwards.



The academy Has Well Equipped Laboratories with advanced means, based on the theory of "learning by doing"to develop skills amoung the students. There are mainly 3 labs of Science-Physics lab, Chemistry lab and Biology lab.



The School is equiped with well-stocked library. Sufficient number of books, periodicals, newspaper and magazines are provided to help the students to cultivate reading habit and to become up-to-date in information and knowlwdge.


Sports and Cultural Activities

There is also an arrangement of sports items for the students to keep the fit and active because a sound mind consists in a sound body. there is also arrangements for culture programms and social activites.

Spacious Campus

The Campus of Heritage Academy Is Very Spacious with Morden Means of Education and Games to Keep Its Students Enlightined and Energetic. The School Irrigates the Ideology of Education for All.


The Academy has its own means of conveyance which provide facilities to the student from remote areas in order to scatter the enlightment to the distinct places around 10kms distance from School.

Message From Manager's Desk.. M.M. Tripathi, M.A., B.Ed.

The school is governed by "Kamala Chandra Educational & Welfare Society" with an aim to cover the maximum number of children who miss proper education either because of the shortage of space in existing big schools or because of their inability to bear the expenses. The academy emphasizes an overall development of the students, adopting modern means of education.

Message From Principal's Desk..                 S.D. Shukla, M.A., B.Ed., L.L.B.

Education is an essential tool for the integral development of individuals illiteracy and ignorance cause people to live in slavery and oppression. These are evils that deprive the people of their true freedom and dignity. Thus, education is considered as a powerful agent of transformation not only the individuals but also of the society. We have also taken an oath to transform the whole scenario and bring a radical change through education in the district which needs no recognition now in the field of education. In the present day scenario, school education has assumed different dimensions.


Modern Teaching Techniques

Our well-Trained Teachers and Staff Uses New and simple ways which help students to Learn Better.

Large Play Ground

Apart from Studies Physical Activities are also important so we have Spacious Ground to Play.


We assure the Parents for the security and safety of their children.


We Provide Transportation Facilities to Students from Remote Areas.